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Boilermaker – Boilermaker

A lot of people out there do not know of Boilermaker but even those who do usually talk about wallace’s shadow or watercourse which are very good albums (I own the 12″ for Watercourse currently searching for Wallace’s shadow -_-) but I think Boilermaker’s s/t album is definitely the gem in the collection so I thought I would share it to all the music fans out there who either read this blog often or just come across it. So here it is!:


  • Norman
  • Midnight Manager
  • Last Top on the Way to Vegas
  • Last on the drive
  • 1/10/98
  • Sunset Ridge
  • From Pheonix at four
  • Tumbleweed
  • Here comes rolling
  • Thinner runs through her
  • Bluebird

Other Links:

  • Myspace: Here
  • Buy it: Here
  • Another band that you may like if you like Boilermaker is: The Jade Shader which also features Terrin Durfey (Vocalist of Boilermaker)

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