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The Shadow Project – A Beauty to Fight For

The Shadow Project are a band from UK and to be honest I can’t really describe them. They have the whole post-rock/ambient thing going on but I feel as if it’s something more. I guess you’ll just have to listen for yourselves. =]


  • All The Pretty Things
  • Never Come Down
  • We Found Ourselves …
  • … And All Is Fine
  • Being Here (So Confusing)
  • Accept What You Destroy
  • A Beauty To Fight For
  • Voices
  • Your Sky’s On Fire
  • Don’t Be A Stranger

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Download: Sendspace

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Carissa’s Wierd – i before e

On Carissa’s Wierd’s unofficial myspace it says this:

“Punk kids grown up and gone sad.

Sweet sweet piano melodies, beautiful violin parts, layered gorgeously over acoustic guitar and reverb soaked electric guitar. Dual male and female vocal parts. In short the most beautiful sound in the world.”

I strongly agree.


Phantom Fireworks
Blue Champagne Glass
Heather Rhodes
Drunk With The Only Saints I Know
One Night Stand
A Bathtile Green
Brooke Daniels’ Tiny Broken Fingers
September Come Please Take This Heart Away
Blankets Stare
Florescent Lights
Ignorant Piece of shit

Info :

Myspace: Carissa’s Wierd (unofficial)
Buy it from: Amazon

Download it from: Mediafire

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