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More Music coming soon!

Sorry guys, I haven’t had time for the last 2 weeks to upload anything. I’ve had exams and stuff and it has sucked haha. Tomorrow is my last exam and then I’ll be putting some more music up so keep an eye open. 🙂


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Don’t Stop Dancing.

Hello, welcome to my Blog: Don’t stop dancing.

I will be adding more music downloads, I hope you enjoy them all. I will try to add atleast one a week so bookmark this page and check back. Also please do me a favour and spread the word out so many people can find great new bands or older bands they’ve never heard of. Another thing: make sure you read the disclaimer and if you can afford please do buy the records off these bands because they really deserve it. Being in a band is hard work and some of the records/cds I’m posting links to are d.i.y products.

Anyways keep on dancing and have a great Christmas! (or other holiday if you don’t celebrate christmas)

– ulfs

and remember kids:

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