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Kingdoms – Atlantis

A new 519 band has been created from ex members of Race Well Run and A Sat Con., and they have offered their EP out for free so download it!

Also come check them out on October 24th with Lifestory:Monologue if you’re in the Kitchener area.


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Amps for Christ – The People at Large

Amps for Christ is an experimental Folk band with noise influence. Amps for Christ is also known for having many cultural instruments and it definitely shows in this record. The creator of Amps for Christ, Henry Barnes is also known for creating his own instruments for the perfect noise or sound effect or just overall type of instrument he needs for various tracks. Over all this album is very good if you’re looking for something new.


  • Tsaress
  • Use Use Use
  • Old Palm Tree
  • Prince Charlie Stuart
  • Freddie The Mockingbird
  • Banjo Hymn
  • AFC Tower Song
  • Tarsit
  • Bug
  • Midianite Prelude
  • Old Lang Syne/Tube
  • Branches
  • Evening
  • Gold On Mars
  • Claremont Raga
  • Been To The Rock?
  • Enids Rant
  • The Morlough Shore
  • Flower And Leaves
  • Memmorial Immemorial (Revisited)
  • Tethered Ball
  • Old Lang Syne/Transistor
  • Firecube
  • Info: Here
  • Buy it: Here
  • Download: Here
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    The Shadow Project – A Beauty to Fight For

    The Shadow Project are a band from UK and to be honest I can’t really describe them. They have the whole post-rock/ambient thing going on but I feel as if it’s something more. I guess you’ll just have to listen for yourselves. =]


    • All The Pretty Things
    • Never Come Down
    • We Found Ourselves …
    • … And All Is Fine
    • Being Here (So Confusing)
    • Accept What You Destroy
    • A Beauty To Fight For
    • Voices
    • Your Sky’s On Fire
    • Don’t Be A Stranger

    Other links

    Download: Sendspace

    (File was too big for mediafire!)

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    Bloodshot Bill

    Bloodshot bill is most likely the craziest greasiest mother fucker on the planet. Download these albums if you enjoy rockabilly or hate yourself.

    This Download Includes the albums: Crazy Fever and Rockabilly Trash.

    Download: here (fixed)

    P.S I went and saw Bloodshot bill the other day(actually my band played the show he was headlining but whatever) and he was absolutely amazing and hilarious. Here’s a picture from the show I saw him at:

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    Abdominal – Escape from the Pigeon Hole

    Today’s artist is an amazing hip-hop mc named Abdominal. He’s straight outta Toronto and he’s just absolutely amazing. Whether he’s rapping about Mcdonalds Big Macs, riding his bike, or his pet peeves I just love every minute of it. I could go on about this guy for a while since I’ve been addicted to his tracks for the past month but I’ll just get right to the goods.

    Track List

    • The Escape
    • Breathe Later
    • T. Ode feat Notes to self
    • Radio Friendly
    • Pedal Pusher
    • Big Track
    • Abdominal Workout
    • Walk Left/ Stand right
    • Open Relationship
    • Sex with girls (Mom skip this one)
    • Heaven’s Demon
    • Girl shit
    • Flyer Antics
    • Abdominal Workout (Speech defect Remix)

    Other Links

    • Myspace: here
    • Buy it: here or any music store.

    If you have the money please buy this album because this album is definitely worthy enough for anyones collection.

    Download Link: Mediafire

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    Boilermaker – Boilermaker

    A lot of people out there do not know of Boilermaker but even those who do usually talk about wallace’s shadow or watercourse which are very good albums (I own the 12″ for Watercourse currently searching for Wallace’s shadow -_-) but I think Boilermaker’s s/t album is definitely the gem in the collection so I thought I would share it to all the music fans out there who either read this blog often or just come across it. So here it is!:


    • Norman
    • Midnight Manager
    • Last Top on the Way to Vegas
    • Last on the drive
    • 1/10/98
    • Sunset Ridge
    • From Pheonix at four
    • Tumbleweed
    • Here comes rolling
    • Thinner runs through her
    • Bluebird

    Other Links:

    • Myspace: Here
    • Buy it: Here
    • Another band that you may like if you like Boilermaker is: The Jade Shader which also features Terrin Durfey (Vocalist of Boilermaker)

    Download Link

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    Essential Post-Rock Albums

    Sorry I haven’t posted in pretty much forever but since a lot of people still check this blog I thought I’d start posting again. So here’s 3 amazing post-rock albums for your listening pleasures:

    A Silver mt. zion – He has left us alone, but shafts of light sometimes grace the corners of our rooms

    Download: Here

    Godspeed you! Black Emperor – Lift your skinny fists like Antennas to heaven

    Download: here

    Explosions in the sky – Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever

    Download: Here


    I’ll upload again in a few days and start updating regularly again so stay tuned. Also if you have any request for any post-rock, punk, hardcore, etc. albums just send an e-mail to: Codster_91[at] and be sure to put Don’t Stop Dancing or DSD in the subject,


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