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The Shadow Project – A Beauty to Fight For

The Shadow Project are a band from UK and to be honest I can’t really describe them. They have the whole post-rock/ambient thing going on but I feel as if it’s something more. I guess you’ll just have to listen for yourselves. =]


  • All The Pretty Things
  • Never Come Down
  • We Found Ourselves …
  • … And All Is Fine
  • Being Here (So Confusing)
  • Accept What You Destroy
  • A Beauty To Fight For
  • Voices
  • Your Sky’s On Fire
  • Don’t Be A Stranger

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Download: Sendspace

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Bloodshot Bill

Bloodshot bill is most likely the craziest greasiest mother fucker on the planet. Download these albums if you enjoy rockabilly or hate yourself.

This Download Includes the albums: Crazy Fever and Rockabilly Trash.

Download: here (fixed)

P.S I went and saw Bloodshot bill the other day(actually my band played the show he was headlining but whatever) and he was absolutely amazing and hilarious. Here’s a picture from the show I saw him at:

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