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More Music coming soon!

Sorry guys, I haven’t had time for the last 2 weeks to upload anything. I’ve had exams and stuff and it has sucked haha. Tomorrow is my last exam and then I’ll be putting some more music up so keep an eye open. 🙂


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Carissa’s Wierd – i before e

On Carissa’s Wierd’s unofficial myspace it says this:

“Punk kids grown up and gone sad.

Sweet sweet piano melodies, beautiful violin parts, layered gorgeously over acoustic guitar and reverb soaked electric guitar. Dual male and female vocal parts. In short the most beautiful sound in the world.”

I strongly agree.


Phantom Fireworks
Blue Champagne Glass
Heather Rhodes
Drunk With The Only Saints I Know
One Night Stand
A Bathtile Green
Brooke Daniels’ Tiny Broken Fingers
September Come Please Take This Heart Away
Blankets Stare
Florescent Lights
Ignorant Piece of shit

Info :

Myspace: Carissa’s Wierd (unofficial)
Buy it from: Amazon

Download it from: Mediafire

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Sparrows Swarm and Sing – Untitled #2

Amazing Post-rock from New York…words don’t have to be said, just listen.


  1. I
  2. II
  3. III


Website: Here
Myspace: Here
Buy it:

The almighty download link: Mediafire

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ef – Give me Beauty… or Give me Death!

“ef is a mellow yet explosive, Soothing, heart-felt post-rock band from Sweden.”

Give me Beauty ... or give me death!

Band: ef
Album: Give me beauty … or give me death!
Label: And the sound


  1. ett
  2. Hello Scotland
  3. Final Touch
  4. Hidden Agenda
  5. He came, he stayed, he fell
  6. Tomorrow my friend…
  7. We’ll meet in the end


Website: ef
Myspace: ef
Buy this album: Here

Download it from: Mediafire

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