Kid Dynamite – Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

“Kid Dynamite is a melodic hardcore band from Philadelphia, they’re all about sing-a-longs and having fun.”

Kid Dynamite isn’t around anymore but check out some of their new bands including None More Black and Paint it Black.

Cheap shots, youth anthems

Band: Kid Dynamite
Album: Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems (DISCO)
Label: Jade Tree

Track Listing:


  1. Heart a Tact
  2. Breakin’ A Memory
  3. Give ’em the Ripped One
  4. Two For Flinching


  1. Rise Above
  2. Deny Everything
  3. Hateful
  4. I don’t wanna hear it
  5. Macho Insecurities

Songs with Jay singing

  1. Showoff
  2. Sweet Shop Syndicate
  3. Never Met The Gooch
  4. Fuckuturn
  5. Scary Smurf
  6. The Ronald Miller Story

Demo outtakes

  1. Bookworm
  2. The unheard chorus
  3. 32 Frames per second
  4. Wrist Wrocket
  5. News at 11
  6. Death & Taxes
  7. S.O.S

Live Radio

  1. Heart a Tact
  2. Handy with the Tounge Sword
  3. KOS – 0564
  4. Never Met the Gooch
  5. The Penske File
  6. PH. Decontrol
  7. Deny Everything


Kid dynamite reunion show at CBGBs

(picture from

Download it here: Mediafire


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